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About Us

Established in 1992 and located on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation, Native American Advocacy Program (NAAP) is a statewide, non-profit, grassroots organization serving persons residing on and off the lands of the tribal nations in South Dakota. 


We believe that Native youth need to know their culture and have access to people, places, and environments that help them to develop healthy lifestyles, without alcohol, drugs, or violence. 




Our prevention program focuses on helping youth and at risk youth on the reservations of South Dakota build a cultural identity based upon the traditional Lakota way of life. 


Our second purpose is to advocate for and guide Native American people with disabilities toward a more independent life style.



To provide independent living services for persons with disabilities and to reclaim Lakota Language, culture and spirituality by promoting education and healthyLifestyles for our youth through culturally based strategies.



We envision a safe, family oriented community that nurtures Lakota Life, with respect of self and others, by living healthy lifestyles that promote the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of the Nation. Our youth have a quality life and grow to become well rounded, educated, competent, balanced, healthy Lakota speakers who have an identity and sense of place/belonging to their community and demonstrate how to be a good relative, harmonious with their natural environment, knowing the value of wolakota.




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